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Empathy Ocean

Mr. Perfect Founder, Terry Cornick, talks of his battles with empathy and a powerful moment he experienced at the ocean recently.

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Mr. Perfect on Booze

This blog post appeared originally at the Hello Sunday Morning website here.   Terry Cornick, a.k.a. ‘Mr. Perfect‘, talks about his dad, being a dad and how drinking and mental health tie into the whole story. That sweet amber nectar. It can taste like “liquid gold,” I tell my wife after my first sip of a cold ale. I chime in with trademark sarcasm, such as, “I don’t normally drink, but go on, then.” The perfect accompaniment to a celebration, a new birth, birthday, marriage, religious celebration (some), promotion, divorce (?!) and sporting victory. On the flip side, it is also seen as the perfect tonic for tragic news and disappointments, deaths and funerals, divorces (again), losing your job and many...

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