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Empathy Ocean

Mr. Perfect Founder, Terry Cornick, talks of his battles with empathy and a powerful moment he experienced at the ocean recently.

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Postnatal Dad

This week's Mr. Perfect Blog is written by David Graham. Depending on how you count it, Dave is embarking on his 3rd or 4th career. After completing postgraduate research in mathematics he spent the next decade working for Defence, which included deployments to Afghanistan and the Middle East. He’s now a junior doctor, a research fellow, a fiction writer, and loving life as a second time Dad.   I started writing this Mr. P post the day my son was born. I thought I’d write about postnatal depression and anxiety, as well as postpartum psychosis, in men. I thought I’d write about how the baby blues is so common that it’s normal. I thought I’d write about how depression, anxiety...

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