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Top Australian Podcasts for Dads

As many men will attest to, being a Dad is quite frankly a seismic shift in your life. And I am not sure many (any) can honestly say their mental health did not take a shakedown too.

Conversely, not many of us gentlemen have traditionally reached out when struggling, or when they have what they think is a stupid question, or when they are certain they are doing a terrible job of being a father.

The good news is, that is changing. And along with the plethora of groups and communities forming for Dads in Australia, there is some homework and reflection you can do while going about your daily life.

Check out Mr. Perfect's top suggestions for Australian Podcasts for Dads:


Dad in Progress by Raph Dixon / Movember -

Direct Advice for Dads by Ross Edwards and Dan Van Der Meer -

Fathering First by The Fathering Project -

Being Dad by Alex Cullen -

Dad Pod by Charlie Clausen and Osher Günsberg -


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