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Vale 2022

Fashionably early, I used the opportunity of a recent interstate flight to look back on 2022 and what it meant for Mr Perfect.

The key theme of 2022 for Mr Perfect has been quality over quantity.


While we peaked at around 40 BBQ locations back in early 2021, that number has dropped back down to 30.

For a variety of reasons, but the most important was the intention to look inward first, and support our superb volunteers, that are pivotal to the "product" we provide.

While we always collect stories, we started to back this up and gain specific feedback from our legendary BBQ Hosts and BBQ Attendees through surveys, and held quarterly online BBQ Host catch-ups for those keen to attend and now send the "The Sizzler" newsletter to BBQ Hosts with heaps of key information and inspiration.

In parallel to location numbers dropping, our average attendance at BBQs increased to over 10. This is a number we watch closely, appreciating different locations and demographics and different "flavours" that exist for our BBQs across Australia.

Greg Smith became our National Lead BBQ Host, and he has largely been responsible for many of those initiatives mentioned above. His priceless work has moved us a gear forward (Greg will soon be stepping back so if anyone is keen on that role, call me!).


We also looked at how we communicate what we do to rev world. Our key sponsor Zurich Australia provided a Media consultant that helped us tell our story in a more palatable, clear way (head to our website and the About Us page to read!).

A big effort went into stripping this back to our very essence and attracting men to turn up to something fun, and comfortable but supportive.

Funding and Support

None of this happens without the support of sponsors, grants and the ever-so-delightful random donations we receive from some beautiful individual humans out there.

Whilst we preach being lean and grassroots always, if we are to move forward, the organisation deserves a paid CEO.

Thankfully I managed to put my best tin-rattling hat on and have secured commitments that will fund this for the next couple of years, so I can step back in June 2023 and focus on the beautiful chaos of life for the good of my health and those close to me (expect a separate reflection blog on this soon!).

Thank you to those that provided financial support to keep those snags cooking, particularly our key sponsor Zurich Australia.

People Changes

Although our key service did not change in 2022, the acceptance that change is good meant fresh faces arrived in the background, with new Board Members, a new Chair to arrive for 2023, a National Lead BBQ Host and even a handful of new BBQ Hosts joining the team while others departed.


We have some big ticket items to tick off in early 2023, recruit a new Chair (in progress), and a new dedicated CEO (wish us luck) and forge forward with a BBQ Host Recruitment Campaign to start to see those new BBQs pop up in areas we know they are needed the most.

We now have solid foundations built, with some minor tweaks to make, and Mr Perfect is now ready to take the next.

Thank you to you and the people in your lives that allow you to do this, you will never know how much impact you truly have outside of the BBQ for men and their health (and no doubt you have inadvertently saved precious lives).

It is what makes Mr Perfect "More than a BBQ".

Ever grateful for your support, I'm thinking of you all over the holiday break, and hope you get some rest, slow down, and reflect on the huge value you bring to Mr Perfect and the vital place you have in this world.

Have a good one,


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