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Cole Sprouse on The Diary Of A CEO: Mental Health, Connection and Therapy


Every few months a podcast hits so hard with me that I have to stop, rewind, listen again, and make notes.

This conversation between Cole Sprouse of Riverwood fame, and Steven Bartlett of The Diary Of A CEO, met my internal criteria.

With our Mr Perfect community in mind, here is a selection of the helpful stuff:


The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

E229: Cole Sprouse

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Mental Health: Anxiety, Connection, Therapy

“I think gratefulness and ungratefulness can exist simultaneously”.

“...even through pain we trade trauma for wisdom, that's what we do as humans, when we go through heavy experiences it deepens our eyes…”

“ social anxiety feels a lot like sitting in a sauna when it's just a bit too hot like the sauna right before you have to get out, you know what I mean, it's like this warm sort of blanketing feeling but it's not warm it's hot, but it's a blanket over me for sure…”

“…I try not to talk too much about mental health just in general because everyone has an incredibly personal relationship to it and I feel like there's a lot of armchair experts on the internet right now, acting like, you know, diagnosing people or doing stuff like that which I find so atrocious, I can't believe people even do that…”

“...I think the conversation around mental health, unless it's being done by truly a trained professional is probably not the greatest thing to listen to, so with that disclaimer (!), I will say whenever I'm feeling heightened emotionally I will take a break from whatever I'm doing, I will truly walk away from whatever I am doing, if it is an argument with someone I will go, “Hey right now I'm feeling some heightened emotion, if you don't mind let's pick up this conversation in about 20 minutes”...give yourself time…I try to approach everything with a kind of logos that allows me to think more clearly and calmly about what I do…”

“Honestly the most helpful thing I've done, I'll also try and remind myself of grounding myself in the senses or I will remind myself that, one, you're not the only person that's ever gone through anxiety or will ever go through anxiety and, two, the problem as you perceive it, the vastness of the problem as you perceive it, is not the way other people perceive it…”

“As I've gotten older I've become more okay with turning people off which is alright, you're going to polarize individuals, you are going to get along with certain people and not get along with other people, that's totally okay…”

“…sadness is okay, it means I'm human, it means I loved something outside of myself in a way that was so beautiful and so boundless that it makes me feel one of the strongest and most eternal of human emotions which is sadness…”

“...which is the hardest part, you want someone to change or do something and this also goes to romance, this goes to friendships, this goes to blood, to whatever it is, you can really yearn for someone to do the right thing and the hardest part is even if you set up the entire environment for them to do so, unless they choose it for themselves, it's just not gonna happen…”

“Passionate conversation {makes me feel alive}, really for sure, without a doubt…seekers of this kind of {deep} conversation find each other, it's weird, they really do and you can see it in others' eyes…”

“{We are} all seeking {connection} at least in therapy, with the help of a trained professional, but it's a human connection just to another person, we all want our “Good Will Hunting”, we want to sit down and have someone who has a deeply enticing personal connection to you and goes, “I hear you man, I hear you, you're okay, like, have you thought about it this way?”...and so I do find a lot of these kinds of conversations can be inching close to that…”

“I do think there are a ton of different forms of therapy, of self-soothing, of methods…I find a tremendous therapy by going into the wilderness as an example, I find that a really healthy thing for me to do, sort of disconnect and leave and go into the woods and do all that sort of stuff, but I also think the other stuff is super valuable too and I don't think there's any shame in talking about it, I think that's great…

“…we look for soul, we all look for soul in other people, we want to know that soul exists, we want to justify our soul by looking for soul in other people, and when you find people with soul, you want to hang on to people with soul, that's what we do…”

“I think when you're bearing your soul especially in a sort of therapy environment you want someone to pick it up and go, “God I see this thing man, yeah I see it, I did something like this”... it took me a while finding a therapist that was willing to be hands-on…”

…if therapy is there for connection, then the thing that drives us to therapy must be disconnection…when that disconnection can be anything, disconnection from nature, from people, from life, from purpose, whatever…you become afraid of your own soul being too disconnected from everything around you or that you feel so entirely alone or unique that no one else really understands you is a hard thing…”

“…entertainment media, it's sensational, we're only going to sell the worst person in the world and the best person in the world, we're not going to sell the humans in between, and most of us fit as a kind of gray morality…”

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