ACNC Registered Charity


Terry Cornick is a Sydney-based father of three young boys, working in the healthcare industry. He also battles a number of mental health challenges. And he used to be damn good at hiding it.

After escaping the UK, his life in Australia on the surface looked ideal, so much so that his best mate called him “Mr Perfect” regularly.

But like many men, our founder realised he was not Mr Perfect. After a lifetime of mental challenges, he finally navigated a path to tackle them and found there was something missing in the support he accessed, with a desire that no man be left behind.



🌭 Blog therapy

As a writer at heart, before telling anyone, he first started writing his story, then later creating an anonymous blog named “Mr Perfect”.

🌭 Doctor experience

His “coming out” to mental illness to his GP and Psychiatrist was cold and clinical (unlike a warm and welcoming Mr Perfect BBQ), and Doctor friends of his revealed their own helplessness to truly make an impact.

🌭 The Connectedness Report

One lazy Sunday afternoon, he read a Movember and Beyond Blue report that showed the worrying steady decline of men post-30 to a potential life of isolation (you can read that very report here)

🌭  Pub chat

A confession to two close mates about his mental health surprisingly saw them relate and want to team up to help others.

🌭  Footy gold

A hastily arranged kick-around in a Glebe park saw 40 men of all ages and backgrounds get together and then chat and connect after. They struck gold in those post-game conversations.