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Mr Perfect has a new Chair: Lawrence Atkinson

Mr Perfect is going through a time of huge change, and a seismic shift in our plans for growth.

But none of this is possible without first-class governance.

We are delighted to announce Lawrence Atkinson is the new Chair of the Board of Mr Perfect.

Experience and Skills

Lawrence comes armed with an impressive career including 27 years with Westpac in UK and Europe, Middle East, Papua New Guinea, and Australia and 20 years managing various professional services firms such as commercial law accounting.

Add to that experience as a business owner in Executive Search, Fellowships held previously with AICD, AITD, AIM, FINSIA and a graduate of the AICD, Lawrence is currently working as a coach helping small business owners dealing with mental health challenges.

Volunteering has always been important to him, having been a personal support officer with Red Cross for over 10 years, and comes with Chair credentials such as holding this position at Camp Breakaway Inc, a respite care centre for the disabled, and at Business Blue Mountains.

Why did Lawrence get involved with Mr Perfect?

"It’s great to be involved in an area dealing specifically with men’s mental health. Having experienced 5 of my male friends over the years die by suicide anything I can do to help prevent such an occurrence is going to be worthwhile. Having also experienced depression first-hand I have that lived experience of knowing what it can be like".

Where does Lawrence see Mr Perfect in the future and what is he most excited about?

"I’d like to see the number of barbecues around the country increase tenfold over the next five years. Being an ideal place for men to get together, chat and share their life’s experiences without fear or favour has to be a good thing. We need more of it. Having attended a local BBQ for some time now and I see and hear the benefits first hand.

What I am most excited about is the opportunity to reach out and touch men who may feel that they are doing this journey on their own, but sharing with them that they do not have to be. To know that there are people around with
whom life’s trials and tribulations can be shared, enjoyed, embraced and worked through together rather than alone and by yourself. To be able to provide the encouragement and comradeship of the ANZACS albeit in a very different

There is much to do and much that can be done. I believe we have only just scratched the surface. Next thing is to get corporate Australia behind us".


You can connect with Lawrence on LinkedIn here.


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