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Mr Perfect has a new CEO: John Mooney

Hot off the announcement last week that Mr Perfect has a new Chair, we are ecstatic to formally announce that we have also appointed a new CEO.

The charity has taken the opportunity to capitalise on the foundations built over the past 7+ years, coupled with a bold move to invest our resources in a leader to take us to new heights and reach more men than ever.

Please join us in giving a huge welcome to John Mooney.


Experience and Skills

John is an accomplished leader with 25 years of lived commercial experience gained across all levels of the private, public and corporate sectors. John’s centred and strategic thinking abilities coupled with a disciplined action-based approach enables collaboration and trust in the pursuit of the best
possible outcomes. John is also a Lawyer.

As the newly appointed CEO of Mr Perfect, John brings a wealth of expertise and a proven track record. Before joining Mr Perfect, he held various leadership, consultative and executive positions and importantly played a key role in driving change, growth and profitability, gaining respect for his ability to lead, develop and implement effective strategies.

As the CEO of Mr Perfect, John will be focused on driving growth and innovation, while maintaining a strong commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainability.

In all matters, John seeks to conduct himself honestly, ethically, and professionally, something we value as priceless in our humble organisation.

Why did John want to be the CEO of Mr Perfect?

"It is clear to me that men face unique mental health challenges at this time, in today's world. We often hear of men experiencing social isolation and loneliness, particularly as they get older.

Being the CEO of a Men's Mental Health Charity is, in my opinion, a thing of great responsibility and significance. This role will allow me to make a meaningful impact to the lives of men who are struggling with mental health issues and overall well-being.

By leading a charity that focuses on men's mental health, I can help men to connect with each other on the level of "authentic mateship" which in turn would create a better life and society for all people.

I also believe that leading a charity will be a fulfilling and rewarding experience allowing me to give back to my community and make a positive impact in the world.

By working to improve men's mental health, I want to help create a brighter and more compassionate future for everyone".


Where does John see Mr Perfect in the future and what is he most excited about?

Mr Perfect is a men's mental health charity with unlimited potential.

To be able to contribute to this cause brings genuine purpose and meaning to my work.

I want to help break down the social stigma surrounding mental health in men and promote a culture of openness through "authentic mateship". I am keen to collaborate with community organisations, local councils, and other stakeholders to create a network of support and resources for men.

With its innovative and comprehensive approach, the charity would have unlimited potential to positively impact the lives of countless men and their families.


You can connect with John on LinkedIn here.



  • Terry Cornick

    Hi Lindsay – 100% agree, Greg Smith is a living legend!

  • Lindsay Morgan OAM

    Greg Smith our (Mr. Perfect) does a brilliant job for men’s mental health in the Central Coast and also on the North West Coast of Tasmania.

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