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Podcasts with Men's Mental Health Expert Dr Zac Seidler

Dr Zac Seidler is one of, if not THE most prominent and respected voice and clinician in men's mental health in Australia.

His research alone is ground-breaking, but for a more palatable vehicle of wisdom, we listed all of his excellent podcast appearances.

Go get those headphones and tune in to liquid gold for the mind and soul.



January 2023

Full Credit to the Boys



November 2022

Raising Teens with Collett Smart - Dealing with Family Suicide

The Jimmy Smith Show - How Did Movember Start? Which Sector Backs Them In the Most?

September 2022

Emotional Support Lady Podcast - What We’re Getting Wrong About Men’s Mental Health

August 2022

The Jimmy Smith Show - What Can You Do To Improve Your Mental Health?

July 2022

The Understanding Boys Podcast

June 2022

Seize The Yay - Men’s Health Week, Movember and Mental Wellbeing

Real Stuff with Hunter Johnson #7

Science of Therapy

May 2022

Contiki Hangouts - Unusual Circumstances

The Shift with Shane Hewitt

March 2022

Sydney City Psychology - Men’s Mental Health - Part 2

January 2022

Life Matters - What it means to be a man and pushing bodies to the extreme



December 2021

Sydney City Psychology - Men’s Mental Health - Part 1

November 2021

Real Stuff with Hunter Johnson #123

The Informed - Man in the Mirror

Mental Health by Talklink

Behind The Uniform

Young Blood - Men’s Mental Health - The Men’s Mental Health Revolution

Dyl & Friends #123

Never Not Creative: Creativity and Football

September 2021

We Need To Talk About Masculinity, Social Connectedness + Mental Health

August 2021

ABC - triplej HACK - Why aren’t young men getting jabbed?

June 2021

Jase & Lauren In The Morning - Men’s Health Week

February 2021

Manage What Matters Podcast



December 2020

Pebble in the Pond - Understanding Masculinity and the Impact it can have on Men’s Mental Health

Decoding The Man - Behind The ‘Stache

November 2020

A World Where LivingWorks - Modern Masculinity

September 2020

Mind Brew Podcast - Jacqui Maguire - Men’s Mental Health: A Silent Crisis

July 2020

Dyl & Friends #54

June 2020

Men’s Health Research - Interview Series with Dr. Zac Seidler

April 2020

Dyl & Friends #37

March 2020

Bloom - Mental Health, Masculinity, and Social Connection in the Time of COVID-19



July 2019

Let’s Talk - Masculinity and mental health


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