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My Story: Jeremy Hyman

  Me on my wedding day (June 2016)   Name: Jeremy Hyman Nickname: Jez Medically diagnosed: a highly functioning, socially anxious man with incredible good looks. Treatment and coping strategies: Psychiatrist and psychologist, cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness, anti-depressant medication, a glass of wine, freaking out and reality television. Support networks: My wife, parents, sisters, mates (both male and female), mentors acquired through my professional life and a team of white lab coat doctors and scientists working around the clock, day and night in Vienna.   My two sisters and I   Background: Aged 37, losing my hair and newly married to a beautiful and highly intelligent doctor (nephrologist) with whom I share my life with in a recently purchased 3...

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Despite being an early-bird 5:45am starts are never easy, especially in winter. Especially when you are about to go to the beach with it’s ocean breeze and especially when you are wearing thongs and plan to take a dip or surf. But it was Friday at Bondi Beach. And Friday’s mean one thing and one thing only. Fluro. “Fluro Friday” to be exact, founded and run weekly by the OneWave community. As they so perfectly describe it, for “the surfers, sufferers and survivors, we are a non-profit surf community tackling mental health issues with a simple recipe…saltwater therapy”. This community has multiplied tens of times over with beaches across the world holding their own versions weekly that continue to thrive. ...

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By Dr Nick Tellis   This blog originally appeared at Dr Nick Tellis' website at   Mental health and depression are serious issues. GPs see, treat, and support people with these issues everyday but who looks after the GPs? We can see that doctors are only human and suffer the same stresses as everyone else. Sadly, sometimes, it is too much. I wrote previously about how to detect depression in patients. ‘Listen to the patient’, ‘How do they feel?’, ‘How do they make you feel?’. Experienced GPs can spot depression a mile off…in other people. How many turn that acumen on themselves? How many have their own GP to care for them? I also wrote ‘American studies show patients...

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