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Empathise Me

I have always been “sensitive” at times, whatever that means. For the majority of people that knew me growing up it presented as the opposite, at times a pure, distant coldness. As a child and teenager it could manifest itself as me reacting to a comment, rejection or negative action from another by internally beating myself relentlessly. Personal or not, I took most things extremely personally and could become defensive or more than likely retreat into my safe shell. Contrary to my wife’s sometime opinion of my obliviousness, like when she has a new haircut, I CAN be observant. Obsessively so. I think about people I walk past daily, what their life may be like, why there is so much...

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Mr. Perfect Basic Ball 2017 - The Photos

On Saturday 6th May at the Kirribilli Club we held our first ever Mr Perfect Basic Ball. We have been overwhelmed with its success and at our team meeting last night we debriefed and discussed ways we make it an even better experience next year for you. We also noted we failed on one aspect - releasing the professional photos far and wide! Please accept our apologies and view the full album here: MR. PERFECT BASIC BALL 2017 - THE PHOTOS Huge thanks to our professional photographer Ebony McCabe. To find out more about what we do and to support us helping more men, check out Cheers! Terry

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My Story: Jeremy Hyman

  Me on my wedding day (June 2016)   Name: Jeremy Hyman Nickname: Jez Medically diagnosed: a highly functioning, socially anxious man with incredible good looks. Treatment and coping strategies: Psychiatrist and psychologist, cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness, anti-depressant medication, a glass of wine, freaking out and reality television. Support networks: My wife, parents, sisters, mates (both male and female), mentors acquired through my professional life and a team of white lab coat doctors and scientists working around the clock, day and night in Vienna.   My two sisters and I   Background: Aged 37, losing my hair and newly married to a beautiful and highly intelligent doctor (nephrologist) with whom I share my life with in a recently purchased 3...

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