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Why "Mental Health's Mate?"

Most people know why I chose the name “Mr. Perfect” for our charity. If you do not, you can read a past blog later I wrote early last year explaining why.

But our tagline “Mental Health’s Mate” is often bypassed, given its less prominent place and size on our main logo. I too had forgotten its significance until recently, after a great chat with one of our Coordinators, and social media guru Trent.

We have never professed or intended to be clinical in any shape or form, or provide formal education, or be an emergency service. If anything we have talked about being “pre-crisis”.

But the word “mate” is key. Mr. Perfect IS that mate that you can chat to, about anything, the banal to the serious. We listen and offer a supportive smile or laugh, true empathy and make sure you need not feel isolated. And if you do not want to chat, you can just hang with us.

Like any good mate, we cannot fix your world or pretend to know how, but we will be there for you at any stage of your journey. 

Welcome to Mr. Perfect, Mental Health’s Mate. 


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