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5 Things To Do When A Mate Is In Need

Mr. Perfect's tagline is "Mental Health's Mate". More so than ever we try to embody that ethos and support at our physical Meetup BBQs across the country and throughout our growing online community.

But how can you do that one-on-one with a mate? You have probably read and heard all sorts of advice of what to do or say when a mate has become distant or may be in need, such as struggling with their mental health.

But, different people are equipped differently with the depth of skills and communication tools or means they have at their disposal. What may seem helpful at the time may in fact be the opposite. Or perhaps you feel paralysed in these moments and say or do nothing at all.

So we asked our Mr. Perfect community what words or actions they believed would be most helpful to a mate that may be in need. Here are the top 5 suggestions:


1. Your actions as a mate are much more powerful than your words. Shout them a lunch, drink or go do something you both enjoy but most importantly, lend them your ear and LISTEN.

2. I do my best to not give advice. If a mate has become distant I just reach out. Not even to invite, just to say hey. Or send a meme they would find funny!

3. Check in and see how they are going, trying to get them to open up and identify what is happening in their life that has them withdrawing. Spending an hour with a mate over a coffee and discussing what's happening can help a lot, discuss speaking to a GP or someone they feel comfortable with to seek help.

4. Find a way to stay connected with at least one person who cares about you. Even via texts. Regular contact and checking in with someone can often be the difference between slipping or staying afloat. Knowing someone cares helps you remember to keep trying.

5. Try and figure out the reasoning behind it. Chances are there is something underlying that needs addressing. As hard as it sometimes, do your best to get out of the house.


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