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Why did Mr. Perfect begin?

These days, when I get to one of our Mr. Perfect BBQs, I tend to fill-in for a BBQ Host that may be away.

In the early days I ran the Central Sydney BBQ every month, but no matter how often I now go to BBQs, inevitably as I am turning the sausages on the BBQ, I get asked “WHY” I started Mr. Perfect. And I am always happy to expand.

In truth there are many reasons, some directly spawned because of my experiences in seeking mental health support, but also some external factors. Below are the key 5 reasons that Mr. Perfect exists:


  1. In my day-job Doctors were telling me they had two options, give someone like me medication or a generic leaflet
  2. My family GP (which I truly do respect and still see) only gave me two options, medication and a Psychiatrist
  3. I told my mates in the pub one day and they did not run away (in fact they mentioned they had their own issues)
  4. I read a BeyondBlue report around the same time about men’s “connectedness” and how post-30 years old, generally, we lose touch with friends and isolation can develop
  5. Writing was my therapy so it started as me writing a book, then a blog, then morphed into the community it is today

If you ever want to hear my story and that of Mr. Perfect get in touch with me at

In the meantime check out when our next Mr. Perfect BBQs are here:


  • Terry Cornick

    Thanks so much for the message Lea – the book is yet to be published (one day I will revisit it). It probably needs some work and updating too.

    Mr. Perfect
    Founder | CEO

  • Lea O'Brien

    I’d really like to read your book. What is it called and could you tell me how/where I can buy a copy? This sounds like a really helpful group. Thanks! Lea

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