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What actually happens at a Mr. Perfect Meetup?

One of our Facilitators cooks up the food on the public BBQ and warmly greets everyone, casually introducing people to each other.
The attendance can be anything from 4 people to 15 on a busy day.
We sometimes kick a football around or play bowls or just sit / stand in the sun or shade and chat in the open park space.
Conversation can range from our jobs, families, hobbies or interests and no-one has to say anything if they wish, just enjoy the food and sun.
The background in age is from 25 right up to 60, from all walks of life, race and confidence. Some men even bring their children or partners or dogs (I love the idea that one day I will bring my son again when he can understand why we are there and it be considered "normal").
It is not a men’s group, we do not stand or sit in a circle and it is not an AA-meeting eg. I would not get up and say “Hi I’m Terry and I have depression, anxiety and PTSD.”
If it feels natural some will share their stories and when Terry attends he often tells his in casual conversation. Generally this can lead to a hugely trusting space.
Some incredibly deep, real and powerful but relaxed discussions have come out of our Meetups and friendships formed. As well as many laughs too.
Finally anything discussed is completely confidential and non-clinical.
If you are keen to come along click here for a map of our Meetups currently running across Australia.


  • Terry Cornick

    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for your comment on the blog.

    Best to use Facebook as you can find the specific BBQ event listing and can communicate there or our email for non-urgent contact.

    Hope you got to attend!


  • Joe

    Hi I’m attending today do we need to bring anything with us eg a plate, drinks food etc

  • Terry Cornick

    Hi Cathy,
    Lovely to hear from you.
    Check out the Facebook page for the upcoming Meetup BBQs and exact details of where we meet.

    Hope your son got to come along.

  • Cathy

    Hi my name is Cathy and I have a son who is 36 years old who has no friends and suffers very bad with depression and anxiety he would like to come to the BBq at castle hill tomorrow were abouts do you meet up in the park please

  • Terry Cornick

    Hey Prakesh!

    Great to hear from you – we hope told more regional VIC Meetup BBQs soon. Feel free to come along to Echuca if you get the chance.


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