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Top Foods to Cook on Public BBQs

Mr. Perfect's Meetup BBQs are held in public parks across Australia.

Some legend once decided when planning these parks that BBQs were a great idea to add to the space, and we have taken full advantage of them!

Although we are fairly open on the food cooked by our BBQ Hosts and generally stick to snags being the main item, some keep it simple and some like to get adventurous.

Here are some suggestions of food from our Mr. Perfect community that can be cooked on these public BBQs:



There is an art to making sure this does not stick to the hot plate but when done right, it is mouth-watering.


A clear staple. English pork sausages are my personal favourite, but plain beef are just as ideal.


These cook perfectly with just a little oil and seasoning, your best bet is to get the flat Portobello variety.


Meat and vegetables or just one or the other? Easy to cook and always goes down a treat.


Love them or hate the, the smell alone evokes memories of Bunnings Sausage Sizzles and cannot fail to make you hungry.


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