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The Reconnection Hour (TRH)

As you may or may not know, we at Mr. Perfect hold a weekly (usually) Facebook Live Steam.

Recently our socials guru Trent and I sat down to discuss what the Mr. Perfect community wants and needs, and truly what Mr. Perfect's intent is. Trent thankfully was particularly thoughtful about it and we dived deep.

We concluded that although the charity is rooted originally in my story and my experiences of tackling my mental health, which encompassed a range of dark struggles, the key learning from that story was realising there was zero social connection mandated in my "treatment", and perhaps many men may enter a decline in their health with isolation being a big factor.

We also realised Mr. Perfect has evolved to a much more positive and proactive energy and we want to keep that and harness it.

Instead of talking about "isolation" we want to guide men towards community support.

Instead of talking about "dis"-connection, we want to guide men towards "re"-connection.

So from this day forward the Facebook Live Stream will be called "The Reconnection Hour".

We want to hear from you your thoughts, experiences, comments and ideas around what reconnection means to you, so we can flesh it out in these videos and discussions, and as always, you are welcome to physically join the chat.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for weekly updates, but generally we will be live after 8:15pm each Monday so head there for the link to join the Live Stream.

Yours in reconnection!


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