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Swimming, mental health and connection

In recent weeks Mr Perfect has reflected on activity-based movements and initiatives that support community and connection for the good of men’s mental health.

This one was a no-brainer to cover, given Swimming is second nature to Australian’s and definitely a country passtime!

Check out our pick of groups and movements doing good through Swimming:


Head Above Water

Based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches (also Mr Perfect’s HQ!), Head Above Water holds swimming events such as a 24 hour swim to raise funds to support mental health organisation Gotcha 4 Life.



Although not exclusively targeted for men’s mental health, the benefits are clear, as Babewatch strives to create a culture of openness for all through their community swims, “which promotes healthy bodies and minds through a connection with the ocean”.


Laps for Life by ReachOut

Youth mental health organisation ReachOut hold their hugely successful #lapsforlife initiative throughout March and encourage people to rack up those laps to boost your mind, chill you out and get you out of the house - all targets we aim to achieve with Mr Perfect!



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