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Mr Perfect supports Activate Mental Health

There are few not-for-profits that can lay claim to running their whole organisation for $800 per year but Activate Mental Health is one of them.

So when I saw a LinkedIn post from founder Rahul Seth reaching out to his network for some support, I knew what we had to do.

Mr Perfect is funded privately by a handful of donors and predominantly by our key sponsor OnePath/Zurich Group, but even still we are incredibly lean and not necessarily by choice.

There is something special and impactful about showing you can support the lives and wellbeing of thousands of people for the tiniest of budgets.

Activate clearly does this on a level I have never seen, and manages to consistently run fun and engaging social activities to promote the importance of acceptance, community and fun for mental health recovery, predominantly across Perth, Western Australia.

I have personally followed the posts and photos from their events and could feel the community and connection jump off the page, something Mr Perfect tries to also create in abundance.

Mr Perfect is more than proud to say we can now support the selfless work of Rahul and Activate and cannot wait to see the impact they have in 2021 and beyond.


To find our more about Activate Mental Health click here.

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