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Mr. Perfect & Christie Barbecues Partnership


Media Release

1 June 2020


After months of mutually enjoyable discussion, Mr. Perfect and Christie Barbecues are proud to announce an official partnership.

Mr. Perfect is a grassroots charity that creates community and connection by bringing men together at public barbecues across Australia, to reduce isolation and encourage better mental health. They view this partnership as an ideal match since Christie manufactures the vast majority of the facilities they cook on and gather around.

Christie manufactures the original, iconic Australian public barbecue. They believe in the positive effects that preparing and sharing food in public spaces has on the physical and mental wellbeing of the community. Placing the user experience at the centre of their product innovation, makes them an obvious supporter of Mr. Perfect.  

Mr. Perfect Founder and CEO Terry Cornick explains:

“At the heart of what we do is the public barbecue. It has acted as the glue and the vehicle that has brought men together in communities across the country to meet, chat, debrief, laugh and enjoy a good feed. The synergy was obvious from the first discussion with Christie, and we can’t wait to work closely together over the next year and beyond”.

The partnership will give Mr. Perfect much-needed exposure and reach into local government and industry peak bodies. More Mr. Perfect BBQ meet-ups will be launched and provide men across Australia with access to peer support and mental wellbeing. 

Alex Christie, Managing Director of Christie Barbecues’, agrees:

“Our company has a long history of giving back to the community. In partnering with Mr. Perfect, we will contribute directly to a charity that has a nationwide positive impact on mental health, with far-reaching societal benefits. We share the same values, vision, and commitment to community wellbeing as Mr Perfect, and look forward to a long and successful collaboration.”

The proven environmental, community, and health benefits of the universal act of cooking and sharing food outdoors, is at the heart of Christie’s business. Their support of Mr. Perfect further promotes the belief that being outdoors in Australia’s abundance of local parks for a community gathering is paramount for sound mental wellbeing. 



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