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Mr. Perfect BBQs Update - April 2020

Just two weeks ago we updated our Mr. Perfect Community at this blog that due to the current Coronavirus / COVID-19 situation, all Mr. Perfect BBQs were on hold until at least the end of the month.

Given light of the current health advice, we will now cancel all physical BBQs for April. However, we are pleased to announce we have a strong online community that have been connecting daily, over chats, videos and contributing to our livestreams and TRH: The Reconnection Hour.

If you want to stay connected during this time with our Community and need some support, here are some ways you can do that:


- Website -
- Helpful Blogs -
- Facebook Group Community -
- SANE Online Forums -
- Online BBQs & TRH: The Reconnection Hour - (link to the BBQs to go live this shortly & they will appear on our Facebook page) -


Stay safe, stay connected. And know that we are all literally all in this together so keep supporting and keep talking.



Founder | CEO - Mr. Perfect


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