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Dr Kieran Kennedy on Connection

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed this week and stopped when I saw the word "connection".

Melbourne- based Dr Kieran Kennedy posts some truly great yet practical and evidence-based information about men's health and mental health and beyond.

This particular post was so good I had to convert it into a blog. Kieran is a Medical Doctor in Psychiatry, a Health & Mental Health Advocate, Writer, Speaker and Fitness enthusiast.

Check out his reflection recently after a trip home to see family:


"Some of our clearest of all research on what leads to better health, mental health and happiness points to connection and social support as numero uno 1️⃣.

Myself included, it can be pretty easy to forget this in a world that tells us we’ll find those things in winning, buying, having, looking or progressing. But like so many things in life, knowing it’s the “who” and not the “what” is where the magic happens. It’s especially so when we remember that’s more than an inspo tag line - it’s backed by the science 🧪.

Research abounds on the positive health benefits that regular (even brief) meaningful social contact can have. But it’s easy to forget or let it slide sometimes. Some tips that can can really make a difference include ➡️:

⏺Actively make some solid social contact a part of every day - if we’re especially busy or wired into work, it’s not a stupid idea to schedule this in on the to do list

⏺Eat in the lunch room at work instead of at your desk

⏺Join a group or take a class

⏺Schedule in a catch up call or round of texts with family or a mate at least a few times a week. It’s just as important as the gym or those work deadlines

⏺Chuck the phones down when we’re talking or spending time together in person; remove the connection blockers ⏺."

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  • Donna Pawliuk

    Wheres your clinik(s), Kieran? What do you wanna see on a global scale for the future of psychiatry?!
    feel free to reach out to Miriam Korn, shes very special to me; and, a leader in the darkness towar, the light. <3 :-)

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