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"Be a Man" Podcast Series Episode Summary - "Social Media"

Earlier this month, Gus Worland and Dr Tim Sharp aka “Dr Happy” released their podcast series “Be a Man”, brought to you by PodcastOne.

Although I highly recommended you take the 30 minutes to listen to each and every segment, if you do not get the chance, then I plan to scribble my own top 10 takeaways from a handful of the episodes.

Please be aware in most cases I have paraphrased but hoped to capture the sentiment of what was said.

Today’s summary is from the episode “Social Media – with #HeartOnMySleeve founder Mitch Wallis”.



  1. Social media is part of the millennial DNA, a weapon that can scale an idea rapidly and can provide a safety net
  2. There are 2 facets of our mental health, one which we can control – the chemical condition and the relationship (stigma) with it - if we accept and face the condition (the part we can control), it could be made 50% easier to deal with
  3. Mitch saw 9 therapists before he found one he connected with - this is normal
  4. Try and find that one person that has your back and you can rely on - not everyone will relate or resonate to one style or background of story, but thankfully there are a lot of guys in the world that are telling their stories
  5. Being stable and functioning should always be the goal
  6. It is not as simple to tell everyone how we feel all the time - cultivate a good relationship with yourself first
  7. “Manning up” can mean leaning on other people and letting people help you - if you are the one doing the helping, “land” them first and listen before offering your opinion / advice and end with a hug!
  8. The 2 biggest questions Mitch gets are: "Where do I go to find a good therapist?" and, "How do I help my mate that needs support?"
  9. The risks of social media can be trolling, cyberbullying, comparing our lives to others (the reality is it probably only 5% of their life) - it is important to be realistic
  10. The positive aspects of social media are to hear stories, connect, kept up to date with interests and it should enhance our real-world lives

To listen to the full podcast episode you can access it here:

You can also read more about Mitch and his #HeartOnMySleeve movement at

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