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5 Reasons to become a Mr. Perfect BBQ Host

Become a conduit for connection

Despite our innate human desire for connection, sometimes, in any locality across the world, it takes a vehicle to bring people together, YOU. The pure satisfaction I get simply from watching others connect is priceless and provides meaning and purpose more than I can measure.

Be THE community anchor

You may have identified your village, town, suburb lacks the glue that binds people together. With Mr. Perfect, you get to be that person, and benefit from a charity that has an established “brand”, resources and the support to make sure you can start tomorrow.

A chance to give more than money

Many can donate dollars, from small to big, but when you give your time and care for a few hours a month, the result is priceless.

Join a supportive community

Although you will be helping others connect for the good of their mental health, the Mr. Perfect team itself internally has become a powerful support network and provided mateship for all.

Score some sweet merchandise

Have you seen our Mr. Perfect tee shirts? Although clearly not the most important thing in the world considering our intention as a charity, but you will get to model our tees, apron, hoodie and hat.


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