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5 Misconceptions About Mr. Perfect

The name Mr. Perfect can conjure up a broad number of perceptions and visuals.

Many will know the origin of the name, and how a friend of our Founder used to call him this, not knowing about his mental struggles over a lifetime.

But for those not sure, here are some of the most common misconceptions about our community:

(1) Mr. Perfect is a dating service for Women seeking Men

Although there may be some fine gentlemen in our community, and it is a flattering assumption, we can confirm there are no romantic intentions or undertones, just a healthy does of mateship.

(2) Mr. Perfect is a dating service for Men seeking Men

See above.

(3) Mr. Perfect is a Mens Group

Mens Groups service a vital purpose, however, we are not one of them. Our BBQs are held in open, public spaces and there is no obligation to share a mental health story and membership is not required. We do not ask for or record your personal details, you can drop in whenever you please and leave whenever you want.

(4) Mr. Perfect is only for meat-eaters

Yes, it's true, an Australian BBQ experience usually centres on the cultural consumption of animal-based protein. The majority of food will be such, but we do also provide plant-based options too. If ever you are unsure, just send us a message with some notice and we can check our local Host can accommodate.

(5) Mr. Perfect is for those only diagnosed with a mental illness

We are completely inclusive, all are welcome and our community ranges from those that just want to spend some time with friendly people, to those that access a range of professional and clinical support services to those that have been touched personally by mental health through friends and family.


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