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"Becoming Mr Perfect" Online Talk

"Becoming Mr Perfect" Online Talk

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Often we are asked about the deeper story of Mr Perfect, what is behind it, how did we get here, why is this so important and more.

So here it is: "Becoming Mr Perfect".

Delivered via Zoom over a lunchtime by Terry Cornick, you will hear:

(1) The story of our Founder (Terry Cornick)

(2) The story of the charity Mr Perfect

(3) How community, connection and men's health are important to all of us, including your organisation and industry (can be customised to your request)

Enough time will be left at the end for a Q&A session.

For a $1000 taxable donation you can book this experience today.

Previous feedback has included:

"Absolutely FANTASTIC. What a wonderful presentation from such an emotionally intelligent guy. He was the best present of the day/year! We need more of this".

"Great presentation thank you. What a kind and thoughtful fellow".

"An interesting take on mental health with real world examples and experiences".