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“Thank you for the outstanding Meetup today. A bunch of us stayed back and talked for quite a while.   Everybody was so positive to each other today. I didn't pick up any of the usual male competitiveness and that was very refreshing.”

Meetup Attendee - Central Sydney

"I keep seeing the effects that mental health has on young men in our business, mostly because they are too afraid or proud to speak up. It was very brave to stand in a room of strangers and tell your story but I know from feedback everyone appreciated your raw honesty.”

Nick Ahern - Head of Human Resources, General Pants

“There was no pressure at all. The group organisers were hands on, welcoming, without any expectation for anyone to be anything other than they were happy to be”.

Meetup Attendee - Inner West Sydney

“Terry’s introduction of Mr. Perfect was of a mental health support network. It was inspiring and showed how depression as a topic could be made comfortable to be discussed openly.”

Don Landers - Rotary Club of Northbridge

“There were open conversations about depression and anxiety from the organisers in casual conversation before I even spoke - encouraging me to speak up without fear of judgement”.

Meetup Attendee - South Western Sydney

"Terry from Mr. Perfect came and gave a talk to kick off our Westpac Team offsite. Terry told his story and shared his experience in developing Mr Perfect and the learnings on the way.

The team really appreciated the talk, gave great feedback. It led to more discussion about the importance of staying connected if things get tough and talking about issues with others as we all go through hard times."

Gordon Long - Westpac


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