ACNC Registered Charity


If you would like Terry Cornick aka "Mr. Perfect" to deliver a talk with a difference to your organisation then read on.

    Terry's story includes his background, upbringing, introverted character and experience of multiple trauma. Along with his huge self-esteem issues and expert skill at bottling up the pain (with occasional explosions).

    It covers the "perfect" external world he was living with money, success and travel existing alongside the regular suicidal breakdowns that continued behind the scenes.

    He talks openly, honestly and frankly about his escape to Australia, his diagnosis with Depression, severe Anxiety and PTSD and what finally caused him to seek professional help.

    You will find out why he started Mr. Perfect, the choice of name and how from a barely-read, anonymous blog the movement grew to the impact it has today.

    In addition Terry but will also bring along an athlete and mental health professional to deliver their experiences with mental health from their unique perspectives.

    Usually held on a Friday afternoon the talks are interspersed with chances to socialise and chat one-to-one with the Mr. Perfect team.


    "At 21 I googled "Depression". I matched 6 out of 8 symptoms. So clearly I was fine. I closed the laptop and the cycle continued."

    "I stood in the outdoor corridor of the tacky Gold Coast hostel. The light was coming up and despite being wasted a moment of calm washed over me. I leaned gently over the balcony and looked down to the bus garage below. This was a good time to jump."

    "My GP looked me in the eye and asked "How long have you felt like this?" I paused. "For as long as I can remember." His usually relaxed face turned serious. "I know a great Psychiatrist I would like you to see".