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Good Dad, Bad Husband

By Terry Cornick "Mate, why didn't you tell me?!" The first words a close mate asked me when he came back into work after paternity leave.   "You cruised through it!" I wanted to scream out, "You have no f***ing idea!", but I just smiled. I am a good actor. Honed by years of hiding mental illness. You cannot prepare anyone for a first child. Life does not stop; it just shifts seismically to a scenario where you cannot remember what came before. Even the simplest of daily decisions completely revolve around your child's routine and moods. Sleep deprivation, the noise torture of crying, the constant rocking and standing on your feet to settle, the several changing of nappies a...

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Insight: Mental Health in Professional Sport

As I write this I am stuck in traffic on the way to Sydney Airport before flying to Melbourne to play a big game during the festive period. Late last year Terry from Mr. Perfect reached out and asked me to be an Ambassador for their cause. It is a huge honour to be part of this movement for men that allows them to seek non-clinical support should they be suffering from mental illness or they have been affected by a friend or family member’s illness or they just want to understand mental health more. Recently I noticed ex-team mates and other professional footballers writing blogs about mental health so it inspired me to try my own. Be kind as...

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Men With Eating And Body Image Issues – The Hidden Problem

By Elizabeth Manwaring I have been working either as a student counsellor or qualified counsellor in the field of eating and body image issues for two years now. During this time, I have seen dozens of people come through the agency where I did my practicum in 2015 seeking help for eating issues and several in my own private practice since then. I was also exposed to the broader eating issues community in Brisbane – the carers' association, the hospital network, other agencies, etc. Of all the people with eating issues that I saw, only three were male. One did a short course of counselling with the agency, another came to the agency for help and left after one appointment and...

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