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Mr. P Interviews: Michael Charles (Psychologist)

This week's guest blog comes in the form of an interview I conducted with a Sydney Psychologist, Michael (Mike) Charles of MC Psychology. Michael has been a great supporter of the work of Mr. Perfect and is looking forward to helping us to spread a message about the importance of mental health (for all genders): I am a registered psychologist and have been in private practice in Sydney for the last 4 years. Apart from gaining a degree in psychology I was born with a passion and curiosity for human behaviour. After graduating in 2009, I moved to New York city for 3 years where I interned at NYU as a psychology research associate, worked in a bar, dabbled in film,...

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The Runaway Train

A short reflection this week. I was in a pub on Saturday afternoon celebrating our team’s Grand Final win. A mate and I were chatting about being a parent. Except this mate has a fluffy baby. A dog. We joke regularly that it is pretty much the same thing with the same tasks and stresses that come with it. Although truthfully, I am certain caring for a baby is at least 50 times harder. But the real point of this story was the “Runaway Train”. That feeling I have had consistently since I was a child. Sometimes monthly. Sometimes daily. The literal “train” of thought that can escalate to a chaotic point internally in the blink of an eye that...

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First World Problems

This week's Mr. Perfect Blog is written by David Graham. Depending on how you count it, Dave is embarking on his 3rd or 4th career. After completing postgraduate research in mathematics he spent the next decade working for Defence, which included deployments to Afghanistan and the Middle East. He’s now working as a junior doctor, is actively publishing research in medical journals, and loving life as a first time Dad with another on the way.   We all have them. Your smartphone crashes intermittently, throwing your life into disarray. Your area blacks out during a heatwave, causing your air conditioner to shut down and your Netflix viewing to stop. “First world problems” are important in their own small way. But...

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