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You Gotta Have Faith

This week's blog is courtesy of our Founder Terry Cornick and a reflection of a coffee meeting he had recently.


I have never been religious or had much faith of any kind. More like Mr. Cynical than Mr. Perfect. But for all my physical will not to “believe”, something or someone else may have some other ideas.


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I spent years of drifting through life and as I have documented previously, most of life had been something I wanted to forget so desperately.

Until recently, I truly believed it was how you appeared or your resources that got you everywhere in life. True, it gets your more “money” which doesn’t help anyone else on this planet, but there is zero energy transferred.

By energy, I really mean that feeling that is exchanged, a natural force, after you meet someone that lifts you or you are in a particularly good place and you can feel something radiating from you. People feel it and see it. And they want a piece of it. They may never work out what that energy is, and maybe that do not need to. They just need to find their own.

In my work with Mr. Perfect and my day job, there has been a recent almighty shift, despite the occasional blip. And none of it has to do with money, it actually involves none of it. Just when I have truly needed something or someone to help Mr. Perfect help more people, they have arrived at my doorstep, albeit when my energy and faith has been strong.

Don’t get me wrong, I still “Business Develop” and am constantly reaching out to people, tens of people daily, but the gems are now appearing.

The same is happening in the media I consume. Not the fake mainstream stuff, but podcasts and books and blogs. Just when I have this insurmountable personal or professional dilemma, obstacle or pain (self-inflicted most of the time) that very same challenge is tackled by someone else, telling me in my ear or writing to me providing those tools to solve it.

Just this week when I was coming off the back of a weekend of burning the candle at both ends, I met a Doctor through a mixture of my job and my Mr. Perfect work. I get anxious before every meeting I ever have, even though the vast majority are a success. This one was proceeded with intense anxiety after punishing my body and mind on the weekend. I meet Doctors regularly for informal coffees and in the past they may have been cold, shallow, transactional encounters. No doubt now when looking back this was all down to my own approach.

But I opened up, put all the cards on the table and radiated energy, in my own typically passive way. What followed was an avalanche of energy back and so much wisdom I frantically scribbled as much as I could remember down after the mammoth two and a half hour exchange.

Not only did this meeting boost my energy levels, it left me pondering deeper than I even usually would. Mental health featured highly as a topic of discussion as always, but in a way I had never tackled before in my $280 Doctor consults.

This Doctor, and now friend, explained: “We are probably fairly similar. You probably felt awkward most of your life, like you did not fit, something was not right. Your mind and perception is so acute and sensitive that you analyse and interpret in the click of your fingers when people walk in the room, and your friends are shocked by that. Not everyone gets it. This is a sensitivity, one that can be a blessing and a curse.”

He was so on the mark I was stunned. It made me think of Jim Carrey’s quote about his partner’s suicide: “Sometimes for the sensitive among us, the noise can get too much.” I agreed with all, but countered I am damn good at hiding that anxiety, the sensitivity, so I can appear largely the most relaxed guy in the room.

He continued: “We tend to look inwards too much, guilt, sometimes for no apparent reason, can flood us internally. We think we are judging people but really we are processing at a ridiculous rate, and then we feel guilty because we think we have judged, even though externally it can present far differently."

By this point I was sold. It turned my week, which had before that, been internally horrific. It got me working hard, hard on my motives and deciding what energises me and what may seem to in the short-term but crushes me back down in an instant.

It is now Friday morning and I am writing this in the Commonwealth Bank building in the city, on their comfy chairs, waiting to go upstairs to the next meeting of The Growth Project. At the first meeting the presenter talked of putting out your energy to the world, looking upwards and trusting that if you do your part, no matter how hard, that energy will be rewarded. Mr. Cynical in me wanted badly to dismiss this as “hippy-talk” but I am starting to realise that energy can be unstoppable, and more powerful than your resistance.

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