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Why does Mr Perfect allow women to be involved?

In the five and half years of Mr Perfect's existence, I can count a handful of times when I have been asked about women being involved in Mr Perfect.

Whether that be occasionally coming to a fraction of our BBQs, or being "accepted" into our private Facebook Group or similar.

Sometimes the approach has been genuinely thoughtful and inquisitive, other times, not so much. But that is okay, I have thick skin.

Here are my top three reasons for anyone out there that wondered:


We are inclusive

Mr Perfect is of course men-focussed and a men's health charity. Men will get the most from coming to a BBQ or being part of our online initiatives, as is proven by 95% of our attendees and community being male (and identifying as).

At a BBQ, on a few occasions men have needed a companion or friend or partner to come along with them, that person may be female, and we always encourage that if needed.

In the virtual world, our Facebook Community Group's main intention is to be a place for people to get comfortable with what we do and who we are, or share some wisdom or encouragement, so that one day perhaps they may come to a BBQ.

Women do not hate us

70% of the messages and overt support I / we get are from women. Sometimes, the media and other channels may have us believe otherwise.

That is not to say that men are not treated unfairly or have gone through hell and back in circumstances. But we are not an advocacy group, we are not skilled to be so, nor will we ever be, want to be or was set up to be one.

By being completely inclusive and not dictating "men only", I think we would miss out on women reading and understanding us more. Sometimes they cannot understand or feel the challenges their brothers, fathers, sons, partners are going through. And sometimes they can, hence they look for men's initiatives for them.

Safe places

The charity and support we provide is not designed for heavy discussion of crisis or clinical matters, so the interactions tend to be casual and generally proactive and hopeful, so we believe we are not exposing any guys to anything damaging or betraying any anonymity, from women or otherwise.

It is not to say that men-only spaces are incredibly helpful and needed. There is no science to our thinking, but this is our gut feel, solid experience and us always practising a good intention to support and connect more men across Australia, whatever approach that takes.


To join the Mr Perfect Facebook Community click here.

To find a Mr Perfect BBQ near you click here.


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  • Mykie Clarke

    Hi my name is Mykie, I am a disability job coach. I assist in the dissbility health management and pathway to employment. I have a lot of men I help with trauma, anxiety, depression and other recognized disabilities.
    I am also trying to get in contact with organisations like yours that I may introduce to my clients to help in the management of their health, support and social networks.
    I was wondering if you have flyers or posters I may put at 3 of my sites in Brisbane. Also I was wanting to purchase a ‘mr perfect mental health mate’ tee or tank at the new farm bbq on the 18th, would they be for sale?

    Thank you so much.
    Keep doing a great thing for men.

    Also my personal email is

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