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What to expect at a Mr. Perfect BBQ

Back in February 2018 I wrote a blog titled, "What actually happens at a Mr. Perfect BBQ?"

Mainly because people were curious about what we did and perhaps the name was ambiguous. As we have grown in following and profile, we think people tend to "get it" more now.

So we thought the blog was due an update, or sequel.

From the outset you will find our BBQs listed on our website here or at Facebook here.

After some browsing from afar you may follow our social channels and even then join the Mr. Perfect Facebook Community Group here (a lot of good stuff happens).

Now its game time and you are set to come to a Mr. Perfect BBQ near you.

On arrival you will head to the public BBQ spot in the park and there will usually be a Mr. Perfect banner attached to a fence, between trees or across the pillars of the covered area.

The BBQ Host cooks up the food and warmly greets everyone, attempting to introduce people to each other.

Foodwise, most of the BBQ locations cook up the basics, sausages and onions served up on bread (However, there are a couple of Mr. Perfect BBQ Hosts that bring along their own professional BBQs and go all out!). We try to cater for most but if you have particular preferences, bring your own food or ask in the Facebook Event Chat what is likely to be cooked up.

Some of our BBQs can be a more intimate affair with 4 or 5 people, some can be larger community events, up to 30 people. We recommended you check out the relevant Facebook Event Listing before attending for an approximate idea of numbers and also introduce yourself in the Facebook Event Chat for that location.

90% of the time the weather is ideal, and people will chat in the sun or shade, if you are lucky.

Conversation can range from work, families, hobbies or interests right through to our life stories, challenges, struggles and wins over adversity.

Some decide to just listen and enjoy the food, company and feeling of connection and community. Some bring their children, dogs, partners, but generally it is largely male.

You will note age groups can range, right from 25 up to 60, so if you are looking for a more targeted demographic you should definitely get involved with the Facebook Event Chat beforehand.

To be clear, the BBQs are not men's groups. You are free to come and go as you please.

If it feels natural some will share their deeper stories. Generally this can lead to a hugely trusting space.

Incredibly deep, real and powerful but relaxed discussions have come out of our BBQs and friendships have formed. As well as many laughs too.

Finally anything discussed is completely confidential and non-clinical. No advice, preaching or trying to solve problems.

We are here for support, community and connection, for the betterment of mental health.


To join the Mr. Perfect Facebook Community click here.

To find a Mr. Perfect BBQ near you click here.

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