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What can I expect at a Mr. Perfect BBQ?

Mr. Perfect is "Mental Health's Mate", a grassroots “pre-crisis” charity that creates community and connection by bringing men together at BBQs in local parks across Australia, to reduce isolation and encourage better mental health.

We try to answer as many potential questions as we can about our BBQs with information on our social media channels, our website or on the specific Facebook Event listings for each location.

However it is useful to have a good idea of what to expect with all the information in one place so here is our updated version of a "What to expect" post with some commonly asked questions included:

Do I need to bring anything with me to the BBQ?

No, just yourself, and a friend/family member/partner/pet if you wish. We cater for food and drink in the style of a Bunnings Sausage Sizzle and bring a vegetarian option too. However if you have a particular dietary requirement it may be a good idea to bring something with you if you wish.

Is alcohol allowed at the BBQs?

For a number of reasons we discourage alcohol. The BBQs are held in a public park, usually in the morning and finally we may have men attending that are recovering from alcohol addiction or similar and we choose to be respectful of that.

Do I need to contribute in any way to the cost of the BBQs?

No, the BBQs are free and we have a budget allocated for each one and do not need any donations or similar at the BBQ.

What about COVID-19?

At the time or writing we are still running most of our BBQs but rest assured we do our utmost to ensure first-class hygiene and adhere to guidelines and suggestions around close contact.

Are the BBQs just for men?

They are focussed on men so if you are a man you are likely to see more benefit. We are an incredibly friendly bunch and will never turn anyone away however.

Give me an idea of what actually happens?

On arrival one of our BBQ Hosts cooks up the food on the public BBQ and warmly greets everyone, casually introducing people to each other.

The attendance can be anything from 4 people to 15 on a busy day. We sometimes kick a football around or just sit / stand in the sun or shade and chat in the open park space.

What is the age range of men at the BBQs?

The background in age (approximately) is from 30 right up to 60, from all walks of life, race and confidence.

What is the general demographic at the BBQs?

Most of the BBQs are largely adult males in attendance, with some more community affairs with children, women and families. It really does depend on each BBQ.

What do you discuss at the BBQs?

Conversation can range from our jobs, families, hobbies or interests and no-one has to say anything if they wish, just enjoy the food and sun.

Are the BBQs considered a traditional men's group?

The BBQs are not part of a men's group. We do not stand or sit in a circle and it is not an AA-meeting. For example I would not get up and say “Hi I’m Terry and I have depression, anxiety and PTSD.”

If it feels natural some will share their stories in casual conversation. Generally this can lead to a hugely trusting space.

Some incredibly deep, real and powerful but relaxed discussions have come out of our BBQs and friendships formed. As well as many laughs too.

What stage of mental health / illness are the BBQs best for?

We welcome anyone and everyone. We are "pre-crisis" focused so we are completely non-clinical and cannot provide any clinical advice or support. Everything discuss is completely confidential and we will do our best to provide a level of support akin to mateship and belonging.

How do I find out if there is a BBQ near me?

Check out our Facebook Events page here:




  • WAyne

    Great idea

  • Dale Judd

    Is there an event planned for January 2022??

  • Gordon Fortuin

    Im very interested in attending and to become a member as i did belobg to such a club in Biloela 2009-11 .

  • Ben

    Can you let me know the next time you host Northside.

  • Jim Spendlove

    I have been retired from work and feeling very lonely the BBQ is a great idea 👍

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