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Want to become a BBQ Host? What's next?

Back in November we wrote a blog covering a summary of the process to become a Mr. Perfect BBQ Host.

Since then, we have evolved, so if you are committed, super organised and a 1st class communicator then read on:


1. Find Out More About Mr. Perfect

2. Enquiry

Complete the our "Start Your Own Mr. Perfect BBQ" Form here:

Based on the answers we will let you know if we are moving to the next step.

3. Phone Call "Interview"

We will set up a time for a 20 minute phone chat to find out more about you, covering questions such as:

  • What has attracted you to Mr. Perfect ?
  • Describe events you have arranged and organised and how you marketed them?
  • Do you have any qualifications or work in mental health / health / psychology? (Qualifications are not essential FYI)
  • What do you do to keep in good mental health?
  • In the very small chance that this would happen, what approach would you take if an attendee was unsafe to themselves or others?
  • If you were to start a BBQ give some examples of local businesses you could engage with to make this a true community effort?
  • If you come on board can you commit to being there no matter at the BBQ for people that need us every month?

4. Email Information

After the telephone call we will let you know the outcome and if all goes well, we will send you across a more detailed email providing extra information and requesting important clearances such as police checks and working with children checks. We will also encourage you to start thinking about a BBQ location and start date.

5. Checks Completed

Once we have your checks back we can choose a location and date. You get to scout out the ideal location with a public BBQ in a park and choose your start date (usually this is 4-6 weeks away to allow us to build momentum).

6. Advertise

Next we post the event online on Facebook and website and start to work our marketing magic internally.

7. Equipment

Along with sending you items to get started such as a tee shirt, apron, hat and some marketing materials, you can then purchase a cooler and some tools that we can reimburse. Locally you can start to hand our flyers and let the local community know about your BBQ.

8. Go Live

Self-explanatory! Get out there, get the BBQ fired up and be proud as punch you have provided a welcoming space for support, community and connection for the good of men's mental health.


To join the Mr. Perfect Facebook Community click here.

To find a Mr. Perfect BBQ near you click here.

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