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Walking for Mental Health

The gentile pastime of walking is a low-cost and low barrier-to-entry task.
It also has multiple health benefits, the obvious physical, but it can also pack a punch mentally too. Whether that be to calm a chaotic mind or work through a challenge in peace, or the endorphins created by spending quality time with a loved one.
Mr. Perfect believes whole-heartedly in walking, so here are 5 movements or events that are incorporating walking for the good of mental health:
1. The Man Walk
An organisation with approximately 60 locations where men get together to walk, talk and support each other in a regular and healthy way.
2. Walk N Talk For Life
An action group of caring people who want to help in preventing suicide in their communities, holding walking events across the country, whether walking, talking or listening.
3. Walking About Talking (One-Off Event)
A 50km walking event supporting The Black Dog Institute and raising awareness for just how difficult suffering mental illness can be without being able to reach out and speak to someone.
4. Wellness Walk (Annual Event)
Founded in 2012, this yearly walk has two options, a 6km walk over the Sydney Harbour or a 2km stroll around the Royal Botanic Gardens. The fundraiser brings the community together and supports essential mental health services across NSW.
5. Walk For Awareness (Annual Event)
An opportunity hosted by the Mental Awareness Foundation for the community to come together to support each other and contribute to the funding of programs that are making a difference on the front line, by walking 8km around Brisbane and finishing at The Story Bridge.
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