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Top Men’s Health Podcasts in Australia

Back in March this year we showcased some great podcasts for Australian Dads. It was a hit so we figured coming into the holiday period you may have those earphones in a little more than usual!

This time around we hunted down a selection of Podcasts that cover Men’s Health in Australia, from mental health to physical health and everything in between:


Young Blood – Men’s Health Matters by Callum MacPherson

Callum talks to guests with powerful inspiring stories, all linked to the notion that men don’t / can’t / won’t talk about their feelings (hint, it’s a myth).


Let’s Talk Podcast by Kia Handley

At times we are all guilty in Australia of forgetting those living and working in regional, rural and remote communities. This podcast delves into the challenges faced by the men is these communities over a number of men’s health topics from drought, to disaster & trauma, alcohol & drugs and masculinity.


Better Thinking by Nesh Nikolic

Conversations with true experts across psychology, nutrition, personal growth, sports and more. Nesh is a Psychologist himself but focuses on the what we can all do practically to improve our mental wellbeing.


The Men Who Raised Us by GQ Australia (in partnership with The Fathering Project)

Although this was a one-off series in 2019, there are tonnes of gems to be found from seemingly high-profile and successful men. What you learn is that they go through the same trials, tribulations and stories that we do.


Working With Warriors Podcast by The Regional Men’s Health Initiative

Practical, important tips about men’s health and general wellbeing that can strengthen our toolbox.



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