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Top 5 Comments to wearing a Mr. Perfect Tee Shirt

If there is one great purchase and design choice we have made as a charity, it has been our signature Mr. Perfect tee shirts.

With a humble following over the past few years our “store” online never really took off and rightly so, as it was never a focus of the charity regardless.

However once we took the store away and recently found a new supplier that simplified our design even further, it seems underground demand is growing!

If you are lucky enough to own one of these small batch tees, be prepared for some interesting comments and observations when wearing them (particularly because the tagline “Mental Health’s Mate” is subtle and small).

We have even suggested some responses below:


“Oh you think you are perfect do you!?”

{insert hearty laugh here}

Me: “Well my wife / husband / partner doesn’t think so!”


“I wish my husband was Mr. Perfect!”

{insert hearty laugh here}

“Oh I am sure he is a good man, don’t be too hard on him!"


“Will you be my Mr. Perfect?”

{insert nervous laugh here and hold up ring finger}

“As much as I’d love to too, I’m happily married.”



"Due to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines I will have to kindly pass on your offer."


"Your place or mine?"


“Isn’t Mr. Perfect the wrestler?”

"Correct, however this Mr. Perfect is a grassroots charity creating community and connection for the betterment of mental health and to reduce isolation. I believe that Mr. Perfect has a penchant for colourful leotards.”


“Where do I get my hands on one of those awesome tee shirts?”

“Good question. Although there is no official store and stocks are limited, I am sure if you head to their Facebook Page and post a helpful picture of you doing something evoking connection, you may have a chance of scoring one.”


To join the Mr. Perfect Facebook Community click here.

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  • Rubens

    I love these designs, thank you, I found other very good ones on this site

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