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The Scriptwriters

Mr. Perfect Founder, Terry Cornick, reflects on an impactful observation from therapy, the "Scriptwriters" shaping his daily narrative.

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Boot Camp

This week's blog is by a big Mr. Perfect supporter and originally appeared at Finding Franky - a new site for Counsellors and those needing help - it will be live soon so watch this space!   I met my wife for dinner last night after my second session with my new shrink. She looked at me, knowing not everything was quite right and asked how the session went. I paused for a moment and thought about how I really felt. Sad, happy, relieved. And then answered her honestly, "I’m absolutely buggered!"Now, this is not my usual answer and she was unsure on how to respond. I never needed a response to be honest, her support just being there is...

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Mr. P Interviews: Michael Charles (Psychologist)

This week's guest blog comes in the form of an interview I conducted with a Sydney Psychologist, Michael (Mike) Charles of MC Psychology. Michael has been a great supporter of the work of Mr. Perfect and is looking forward to helping us to spread a message about the importance of mental health (for all genders): I am a registered psychologist and have been in private practice in Sydney for the last 4 years. Apart from gaining a degree in psychology I was born with a passion and curiosity for human behaviour. After graduating in 2009, I moved to New York city for 3 years where I interned at NYU as a psychology research associate, worked in a bar, dabbled in film,...

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