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Start your own Mr. Perfect Meetup!

If you have been following the Mr. Perfect updates recently you will have seen these past couple of months have been game-changing.

We now have some great support that has given us some breathing space to get more people to our current Meetup BBQs but also expand into some targeted areas.

That being said, if you live in or near any of the areas below, have a couple of hours free each month to cook up some food in a local park and you’re a decent human, we want to hear from you:


New South Wales

Central Sydney


Byron Bay




Central Melbourne

Western Melbourne

Northern Melbourne



Gold Coast

Sunshine Coast





With all internal support supplied including online marketing, flyers and reimbursement of food and equipment costs, you will be doing something bigger than you realise to support the mental health of your community.

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Mr. Perfect – Mental Health’s Mate

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