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Reflections from AMHF Men's Health Connected Online Summit

I felt privileged to contribute at the Australian Men's Health Forum (AMHF) Men’s Health Connected Online Summit today.

I wondered what I could add to the discussion, but when asked, it flowed. Here is a download of my reflections and experiences personally and professionally:


- The “system” we have right now is under unsustainable strain at the other end of the continuum, ie. the clinical side, no matter how talented and qualified they are

- This leads to majority dissatisfaction (or worse) at every turning point from every stakeholder involved (men, clinicians, governments and more)

- The responsibility is ALL of ours to spread that load, from non-clinical grassroots services, to men’s groups / circles, to training & education, to large research organisations, to clinical & crisis services

- Extra funding for “mental health” broadly is fantastic as a soundbite but it is being funnelled disproportionately to the far end of the continuum - if it was dispersed, could the clinical end be under less pressure?

- Men need a “soft landing” not a “hard entry point” that I personally had (because too many men suddenly face this brick wall and can’t see past it)

- Men’s Shed has more locations than McDonalds in Australia, they have been around longer than the recent consciousness rising around mental health

- Men need far more education from childhood on basic, simple principals and resources (and a bit more love would help too)

- We need to meet men they are already, with no egos, preaching, judgement and less forcing them to talk if they are not ready or in a safe place to do so (listening first is key)

- We are already having to go backwards to go forwards, men may first come to an acceptance, face “it”, listen, digest, process and then have a chance to move forward

- If this sector can do more with increased support and resources, then the men that access our services will enter the system softly and earlier, with less crisis – this will take a gradual, but consistent effort over the next decade


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