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Public Barbecue Socialising and Community

Our friends and partners at Christie Barbecues have done something incredible recently.

They took the time to research, study and collate facts and figures about public BBQs, outdoor gatherings and the benefits of social connection.

Here are their findings on socialising and community - check out the visual infographic and the summary below:

Australians believe that barbecuing in public places is an important outdoor activity and a good way for the community to socialise and integrate.

Our first-ever independent market research into Australian public barbecue users highlights that;

· 97% feel it is important that barbecues are available for everyone in the community
· 94% said there should be more public barbecues in Australia
· 92% agreed that public barbecues are generally in good working order
· 83% believe public barbecues are a great way to meet others in their community
· 75% felt public barbecues are a safe and hygienic way to cook food

Contact out team today to find out more about our study into Australian Public Barbecue use.

Source: Quantum Market Research for Christie Barbecues. Research undertaken in compliance with AS ISO 20252.

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