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"Pre-Crisis" Mental Health

Before one of our weekly Mr. Perfect Monday Night Livestreams recently, Trent (our socials guru) suggested I write or find a "script" that best describes what "pre-crisis" mental health meant to me, and then read it out live.

It was a little ironic given I never (truly never) practiced pre-crisis strategies, hence why I went to the edge before I finally got some help, yet still I struggle to truly think in the mindset of pre-crisis.

However given the experience gained over the years, personally and through my work with Mr. Perfect, I gave it a crack. Here it is, if it resonates, let us know:


We as a collective of men will all be faced with challenges in this life.

Things that are in our control and a hell of a lot of stuff that is beyond our control.

What is in our control, is taking steps, no matter how tiny, that ensure we reach for help before we breakdown, lose the plot, hurt ourselves or others, lose our families, lose our friends, our jobs, our purpose, our will to live.

At Mr. Perfect, we class ourselves as “pre-crisis” – it doesn’t mean that everyone that accesses us has not already had a crisis, but that in an ideal world, every man would have this brand or method of non-clinical, ideally early-stage support.

So that when a potential crisis comes and our mental health is put under serious strain and isolation starts to rear its ugly head, they have somewhere and someone in a relaxed, non-confrontational environment, to debrief, listen, put an arm around you and say, “Mate, it’s going to be okay, we have got you”.

Support, community, connection.


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