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Partnering with Mr Perfect

As Mr Perfect has grown in reputation and visibility, so have the requests to "partner" with us.

While in the past we have been super generous with our time and network, we are a deliberately lean grassroots charity with tiny resources (0.2FTE people!), so now more than ever will be targeting intentional, high-quality impact.

Therefore we have introduced some new guidelines to make sure we are keeping our focus on the most important thing of all, YOU, and connecting more men successfully at our BBQs across the country:

  • We do not refer or partner with commercial organisations, other funded organisations or not-for-profits unless there is an obvious substantial benefit from a relationship built over time, and the intention, values and goals align with ours. For us, less is more, and Partnerships are (should be) more than a mutual logo on each other's websites.
  • With the current groups and organisations we partner with, we have developed relationships over years and they have either supported our work organically with no expectation of anything formal back and let their communities/workforce/members know about what we do, supported or backed our events and BBQs, or they provide a specific vital service that helps support our community that we cannot currently offer.
  • Currently our simple focus is to start more quality, impactful BBQs across Australia (which means more BBQ Hosts) and attract more attendees to all of our current BBQs so more men can be supported, connected and communities can be formed.
  • If you have a thoughtful partnership proposal with significant value to our community you want to pitch, please email
  • Alternatively if you are a men’s health-specific service, you can check out our Men’s Health Directory here and send us your details to be included at
  • You can also view our current formal partnerships here:


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