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Online BBQs are here!

When your main "product" or service gets wiped out due to a virus pandemic, it can be a little unnerving.

With our Mr. Perfect BBQs across the country now on hold, we have had to get a little creative.

Firstly, thanks to our socials and community guru Trent (who persuaded me 9 months ago having an online community was a good idea), we have a Facebook Community Group to keep connected virtually.

Secondly, on each specific BBQ Facebook Event location, there is a Chat Group setup so you can keep connected locally.

Thirdly, and this is the big one, we are going to hold our first ever mass, nationwide Mr. Perfect Online BBQ on Sunday 29 March at 8:15pm, providing a chance for us to chat over video and for others just to be there and watch and listen in.

We hope to provide all the same support, community and connection you would find at a physical Mr. Perfect BBQ.

You will find the link posted on our Facebook Page or Facebook Community Group in the week leading up to the Online BBQ.

We look forward to seeing you there!


To join the Mr. Perfect Facebook Community click here.

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