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Mr. Perfect needs new team members!

And just like that, the workload has exploded!
After a couple of hours a night for five years, and a year or so of working Friday's on Mr. Perfect, I am practicing what I preach and reaching out for new talented volunteer team members, some ongoing for a few hours a week, some one-off projects:
- Executive Assistant (admin, accounts, freeing up time for me to reach more men)
- Recruiter (to screen potential BBQ Hosts)
- Website Manager / Developer (to maintain & tweak our Shopify site)
- Facebook Ads Guru (to analyse & improve our current ad effectiveness)
- Content Writers (to develop our blogs to make them even more educational & impactful)
I will give you all the "training", mentoring and guidance you need (and a good reference of course).
We are a humble bunch that have spent 5 years building this baby, but it's now a small child that is relentless!
Email us for details and I'll let you know what to do next.
Founder | CEO - Mr. Perfect

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