ACNC Registered Charity

Mr. Perfect is a Charity

After 6 months yesterday Mr. Perfect received our backdated (to February 2017) sign-off from the ACNC that we are now an official "Advancing Health" Charity.

Incredible work by our legal guys (Baker McKenzie - Posy McGrane and Angelique Wanner), the greatest humans in law! But the biggest shout-out and thanks goes to the Leadership Team (Jason Cuffe, Peter Regan, Ilan Hurwitz, Tom Daven and Jeremy Hyman).

Mr. Perfect does not exist without you guys and it would still be an anonymous blog that no-one read - how we have achieved this so far on a shoestring is mind-blowing.

There are also a large group of individuals and organisations that have formed our Support Team and helped with the website, logos, sponsoring Meetups, offering advice on thing we knew nothing about and helped spread news about the work we are doing - thank you all.

Humbled, grateful and now wondering how I will create more time in life as I start a new day-job soon too (stay tuned) - I love a challenge.


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