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Mr. Perfect Facebook Community Group FAQs

Mr. Perfect is "Mental Health's Mate", a grassroots “pre-crisis” charity that creates community and connection by bringing men together at BBQs in local parks across Australia, to reduce isolation and encourage better mental health (we also have a thriving online community).


Who should join the Facebook Community Group? 

This particular group is a chance to learn about Mr. Perfect, connect with others and get comfortable with us, before hopefully coming to a BBQ!

Although we are predominantly focused on men, there is no entry requirement in terms of mental health challenges, this is a community for all that gain something from connection.


How is the Facebook Community Group moderated? Do moderators approve every post in the Group?

The Group is not moderated by mental health professionals (occasionally our Clinical Advisor will browse the Group but this is not regular). Current members of the Mr. Perfect Operations Team and Mr. Perfect BBQ Hosts keep an eye on the Group and “moderate” as necessary.

We do not moderate posts before they go on the platform and ask that all members read the “Rules” section before posting (this is also presented to them when joining the Group). It is very rare that we will remove a post but anything that is deemed high-risk, crisis or against the Group Rules will be removed and you will be notified.


What happens if a Community Group Member sees a high-risk, crisis or abusive post before Mr. Perfect does? 

To report a post / comment:

  • From your News Feed, click Groups in the left menu and select the group.
  • Click  to the top right of the post / comment.
  • Click Report post to group admins.
  • Select a reason and then click Send to Admins to confirm.

The group admin(s) will receive a notification that there's a post to review.


What are the high-level Community Group Rules? (These are also presented to you when you join)

"Mental Health's Mate", not a crisis service.

Mr. Perfect is not a clinical / crisis service, we are not mental health professionals or give advice. If you feel you may post mentioning crisis, despair, suicide or similar, instead contact your GP, MH Professional, Lifeline 131114 or 000.

Be cool to your mates.

We are all going through this together, help a mate out and offer support or an ear to those in need, if you wish. Avoid criticising, judging, harassing or offering advice to others in the group.

Keep it clean, keep it simple.

The best way to conduct yourself in this group would be to treat it like a conversation where kids and grandparents are around. Avoid politics, immigration or religion (and to be very clear, we are not a dating site, no sliding into others DMs).


No promotional material.

Please do not promote personal or external services. Contact admin / moderators first. In the small chance it is relevant, we will decide whether to post from our account.


No anti-men, anti-women or divisive posts.

We are not the place for this - there are plenty of other forums or groups that may be relevant for you. If the post does not relate in some way to connection, best left unsaid.


What are some suggestions of posts I can contribute to the Facebook Community Group?

We recommend:

  • Supportive / optimistic quotes
  • Photos / videos of you doing something relating to connecting (keep it clean)
  • Non-clinical experiences / reflections of connection and hope
  • Helpful resources relating to mental health / connection
  • Photos of you at a Mr. Perfect BBQ!


To join the Mr. Perfect Facebook Community click here.

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