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Mr. Perfect BBQs "On Hold" - Coronavirus / COVID-19

Mr. Perfect is all about connection.

We bring men (mainly) together (physically at BBQs) to create communities for the betterment of their mental health and to reduce isolation.

However, with the current Coronavirus “pandemic” there is so much uncertainty that we have to make the safety of our community our priority.

Therefore as of today scheduled BBQs will be postponed for the foreseeable until we are told it is safe(r) to continue.

Naturally we are disappointed, but then we remembered this wonderful thing called technology.

Utilising our Streamyard software that we currently use for the weekly "TRH - The Reconnection Hour", we will hold a Mr. Perfect Online BBQ in some format shortly.

Truthfully, we are not sure how many people we can bring together in one “stream” or if perhaps further down the track location-specific BBQ Hosts can hold their own for their local community or just chat virtually, but let’s give it a crack and see how we go. Details to follow soon.

Look after yourself and each other, and as a side note, give this great post a read by the “The Minimalists”. It says it better than we ever could.

Terry &
Mr. Perfect

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