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Mr Perfect 2020 Pulse Check with iyarn

This year has been the most surreal on record for most of the world.
And that seismic, earthquake-like shift that occurred no doubt had good and not so good impacts, particularly on health.
At Mr Perfect we have teamed up with iyarn to use their superb platform to get a “pulse check” of how our Community is fairing on a number of aspects of your lives.
If you have been to a BBQ, accessed our website, forums, social media or had any contact with what we do, we would love to hear from you.
Based on these results, we can then tailor and tweak our initiatives for 2021 (with the BBQ always being the hub of this of course).
To find out more about iyarn click here.
(No login or signup is required and all data is anonymous, the link will remain active until midnight 31 December 2020)

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