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Men's Health Landscape in Australia



A week after creating and posting Landscape Snapshots of the men's mental health sector and general mental health sector in Australia, it became clear there are wider groups that look after a range of men's health challenges.

So here it is - as always it is not exhaustive but hopefully is useful.

Email with any more valid suggestions or for a hi-res copy of the landscape.



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Mr. Perfect



MHERV (Men's Health Educational Rural Van -

The Fly Program -

Check Your Tackle -

It's A Bloke Thing -

White Owl -

Beard Season -

Healthy Male (Andrology Australia) -

Men’s Resource Centre -

Foundation 49: Men’s Health -

Men of Malvern -

Men’s Health & Wellbeing Western Australia - 

The Regional Men’s Health Initiative -


Mens Wellbeing -

EveryMan Australia -

Trademutt -


NewMen -

I’m Just A Men / The Gentlemen’s Ball -

It’s A Blokes Lunch -

A Chance For Change (ACFC) -

Australian Men's Shed Association -

Average Joes Community -

Blokepedia -

Brother to Brother Foundation -

Conscious Men Brotherhood (CMB) –

Conviction Group -

Good Lad Initiative -

Grab Life By The Balls -

Kaged Lions -

Mr. Perfect -

Man Anchor -

Manward -

Mates In Construction (MIC) -

Mates in Mining (MIM) -

Men Care Too - 

Mensheds -

Menslink - 

New Man Today -

The Banksia Project - 

Top Blokes Foundation -

The Man Cave - 

Mengineering -


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